Marbella Hen Do

Marbella Hen Do

Marbella hen do means in spanish, despedidas de soltera en Marbella. Hen do parties, are a classic since late nineties decade of the past 20th century and the beggining of internet and the creation of hen companies.

This 2 factors made the perfect combination to create a new tourism industry, and Marbella has became one of the most important destinations for hen parties overseas.

Also Spain and specially Málaga provice have a very important and huge tourism infrastuctures as a big airport located in nearby Torremolinos and Málaga limits that has become one of the most important in Spain with over 19 million passengers in 2020. So is a great European destination for tourist passengers from United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark, Scandinavia, Russia and many more countries from the five continents.

Apart the amazing airport infraestructure, Málaga also have a high speed connection with the main Spanish cities, that also is another big extra atracttion and also made easy to the hen parties and accessible to get into Marbella.

Another strong point that made of Marbella a big destination for hen do parties is the wide range of accommodation places, as private as apartments or Villas, and also a huge infrastructure of hotels and aparthotels.

Marbella Hen Do Villa

Since 2009, there is an increasing trend on Marbella hen do parties, that is to hire a hen do villa in Marbella for a few days.

The groups are not just looking a villa in Marbella to sleep or change clothes before night out. No, Hen parties rents villas in Marbella to do importat events during the holidays in Spain.

marbella hen do

There are many different activities you can do on a Villa in Marbella, specially if this villa has got a pool, so the classic option is a pool party.

Our web sites and, offers to our customer, loads of choices to prepare a big event on this place.

Cheeky Butlers in Marbella, barbecues, dj hire in Marbella, champagne breakfast with cheeky butler and many other options, offer to our customer´s a great choice to create a perfect event to have a great time on their Marbella hen do.

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